Local events
18 April 2018

Autumn Harvest Long Table Feast on 11th May

Please join us for the Autumn Harvest Long Table Feast on 11th May and experience the authentic home cooking and traditional dishes of local community cooks.

The long table feast will be a delicious showcase of the traditional foods of El Salvador, Somalia, Vietnam, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Japan. The dishes will be accompanied by a story, or a take home recipe, and there will be opportunities to meet the cooks, and mingle with neighbours you may not have met.

There will be stunning music performed by The Silk Road Band, and some dance performances. Taste the diverse variety of delicious arepas that are unique to Colombia, savour the unique flavours of a Somali stew called Hulbat Marakh, using your hands to scoop it up with the traditional flatbread called injera. Or watch how the El Salvador street food called pupusas are made, and enjoy them topped with a traditional zesty salad and salsa. The food on offer is truly unique, and cannot be found in any local restaurants. The feast will replicate the experience of being invited into someone's home for a home cooked meal!

The community cooks have been engaged with a training program called Connected Cultures-Empowered Communities, where they have been learning how to be workshop facilitators, to empower them with job skills, mentoring, and employment opportunities through running cooking workshops for the wider community. Your support of this event will be supporting skills development and employment opportunities for these wonderful women.

This is a bookings only event - with numbers capped at 60 people, to allow for a wonderfully intimate and friendly community feast where you will mingle with people from many different countries.

Bookings: http://www.ticketebo.com.au/longtablefeast

For further information, please go to the NMLL website or facebook page and see our events listing: Wwww.nmll.org.au I www.facebook.com/vNMLL

We look forward to seeing you there!