5 December 2018

Extreme Heat – Heat Health Alert

Extreme Heat - Heat Health Alert

A heatwave is a period of unusual and uncomfortable hot weather that could impact on human health, community infrastructure (such as the power supply and public transport), and services.

Extreme heat can affect anybody and cause heat related illnesses such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke which may be fatal.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast very high temperatures for Melbourne on Thursday 6th December 2018.

A heat health alert has been issuedby the Victorian Chief Health Officer to confirm that the forecast temperatures are above the *heat health thresholds for Melbourne on Thursday 6th December 2018.

As community representatives, please be advised of the above heat health alert, and where possible, forward onto your community members the following information:

Prevention of heat related illness

Prevention is the best way to manage heat-related illness. Tips to prevent heat stress include:

1.Drink water - stay hydrated

2.Keep cool - keep in the shade and air conditioning

3.Use sun protection - 30+ sunscreen and wear a hat

4.Avoid exposure to the sun - from 11am to 4pm

5.Go to an air conditioned space like a library or shopping centre

6.Go to the local pool

7.Have a cool bath or shower

8.Check on your neighbours, friends and family - especially if sick, frail or elderly

9.Never leave anyone or an animal in the car

10.Limit physical activity

11.Plan ahead, purchase in advance essential groceries and medication - before the day(s) of extreme heat

If it is too hot where you are living, consider going to an air-conditioned shopping centre, movie theatre, gallery or public pool to keep cool, or visit a friend or family that has an air-conditioned environment.

City of Melbourne has developed a Cool Public Places Map. Be aware of cool public places close to your home that you can visit for some respite from the heat

Access to the drinking fountain and water bottle refill map, which shows the locations of drinking fountains in the City of Melbourne.

For more information see the City of Melbourne heatwave webpage.


For lifethreateningemergenciestelephone 000.

For 24hourhealthadvice,contactNurseonCall-1300606024.

Heat Health Alert Subscription - you can personally subscribe to receive HHAs via your own personal email or work email.

If you have any further concerns, contact City of Melbourne Health Services Branch on 9658 8815 or email

*A 'heat health temperature threshold' is when the temperature is likely to impact on the health of the community. For all local government areas in Victoria, except the Mildura area, the heat health threshold is a daily mean temperature of 30oC. The mean temperature for any given day is the average of the forecast daily maximum temperature and the forecast following overnight minimum temperature

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