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23 November 2016

Green Your Laneway

Posted by City of Melbourne

The City of Melbourne, through our Urban Forest Strategy, has a comprehensive plan for greening major streets and precincts, but not the smaller laneways. Across the municipality, laneways occupy a ground area of 60 hectares, with a further 150 hectares of space on the walls in these laneways.

Coromandel Place, Guildford Lane, Katherine Place and Meyers Place in the CBD are set to be transformed into green leafy spaces as part of the Green Your Laneway pilot project.

Working closely with residents and businesses, we've developed a range of preliminary concept designs for each laneway. These initial designs show a range of greening options that we are investigating in each lane.

We are now inviting the broader public to share their views on the ideas. Visit our Participate Melbourne page for more information.