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15 February 2016

Planning Scheme Amendment C190 - Arden Macaulay

Posted by City of Melbourne

Amendment C190 will implement new land use and development controls in parts of North Melbourne and Kensington, as recommended in the Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan, by making changes to the Melbourne Planning Scheme.

It proposes to rezone the area to encourage residential development and allow other uses such as shops, offices, education and entertainment. It also proposes new built form controls that allow medium density development with lower building heights near existing low-rise neighbourhoods.

Following the formal exhibition of Amendment C190 in November-December 2012, Council made changes in response to submissions received, and requested an independent panel be appointed. The panel hearing was placed on hold because of potential East-West link impacts. With East-West link no longer going ahead, the panel hearing was reconvened in July 2015.

The panel held its public hearings from Wednesday 8 July to Friday 31 July 2015. The panel is expected to provide its findings to the City of Melbourne in October 2015.

Once the panel report has been received, the Future Melbourne Committee will consider the panel’s recommendations at one of its meetings in early 2016.

Project updates are available on Participate Melbourne.

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