The North Melbourne Community Connector

North and West Melbourne Association

For over 50 years the NWMA has provided residents with an opportunity to sit down with their neighbours and connect and discuss matters of interest to the local community. Simply by enabling these conversations to happen, the Association enhances local residents’ sense of belonging and connection to their local neighbourhood.





The NWMA seeks to listen to and act upon the views expressed by residents. The action taken by NWMA can take various forms, including participation on behalf of residents in City of Melbourne consultation forums and activities – for example, meetings with CoM and the Association on topics such as the West Melbourne Structure Plan, Traffic flows and the impact of the West Gate Tunnel Project, and the Royal Park Transport Assessment. By providing a voice for the community in such important planning matters, the Association further increases residents’ feelings of involvement in local developments. Over the past two years the Association has supported the development of a community garden network (North West Patch) in North and West Melbourne.


address icon PO Box 102 North Melbourne 3051
phone icon 0403396296